Property Management

Expense Management

Our property management department was set up to offer a reliable, comprehensive, and honest service for property owners from maintenance to rentals. Our policy is to always give the very best to our customers and never compromise on quality.

Inventory, Furniture & Repair Management

We offer expertise with finding several different furniture packages to match any customer’s discerning taste and budget. we will personalize your new home to include housewares, electronics and accessories needed to complete your active lifestyle.

Rental Management

After giving your apartment/villa for rent, our experts will take care of the rental management issues along with the rental contract, notary, bills, maintenance,…etc.

Tax and Insurance Management

Paying taxes on time is one of the most important things in property management, to avoid penalty for postponing the tax payments, we offer our services to calculate and pay the taxes as one of the many services we do in the property management department of our company.

Security & Property Checks

Make sure your property is in right hands. After giving the property for rent, many people worry about the tenant and want to make sure that no harm or damage will be caused to the apartment by the new tenant. To avoid that, our experts will make periodic visits to the apartment, diagnose any damages happened and estimate the maintenance fees to fix the damages.

  • Key-holding
  • Property Check
  • Utility bills (gas, water, electricity, internet etc.)
  • Property maintenance bills
  • Property Tax ( Government Office )
  • (DASK) Private insurance
  • Security checks
  • Rentals
  • Acting as first point of contact for the tenant
  • Opening a local bank account on your behalf
  • Inventory checking
  • Drafting of tenancy / letting agreements
  • Collection of rent with payment made by bank transfer
  • Furnishing upgrades and services
  • Legislative compliance
  • Accountancy services tax computations and administration
  • Insurance services and administration
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Monthly statements
  • Quarterly inspection reports as part of a full management instruction