What is the Cost of Living in Turkey?

What is the Cost of Living in Turkey?
  • Son Güncellenme: 09/03/2022

Turkey is a more developed country than its neighboring countries. For this reason, it attracts many foreigners every year. In this respect, those who want to continue their life in Turkey frequently search the question of cost of living in Turkey.

Although there are no specific prices for this, in general, there are suitable living conditions in the country. Prices may differ in each city.

However, there are suitable opportunities in terms of transportation, health, education, rent and shopping. If you do research without making a decision right away, you can see the opportunities that are suitable for you in Turkey living cost calculator.

What Should Those Who Want To Live in Turkey Pay Attention To?

Those who want to live in a new country often think about the question of cost of living countries. The answer to this question differs in each country. If you evaluate them separately, you can find the most suitable opportunities for you.

The City To Live in Should Be Chosen

There are many cities in Turkey. Each of these offers different possibilities. Therefore, if you want to continue your life in Turkey, you must first decide where you will live. The place you need to go for Cost of living in Turkey should be considered as a priority.

It Should Be Decided İn Which Part Of The City To Live

As each city has different opportunities, it also differs in different parts of the city. Therefore, when you decide where to live in Turkey, this situation should also be considered.

Especially if you want to live in Istanbul, the cost of living in Istanbul can vary greatly. If you get help from expert real estate agents, you can find the most suitable places for your budget.

The Opportunities Of The Location Should Be Evaluated

Another issue that affects living conditions in cost of living countries is the opportunities in the place to live. Options such as proximity to transportation means, distance to the center, entertainment opportunities should be evaluated while deciding on the place of residence.

How Much Are Transportation Prices in Turkey?

There are many cities in Turkey. Transportation prices in each of them also vary. However, card systems are valid in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Although there are differences in all of them, transportation has more suitable options compared to European countries.

This includes the airline, as well as public transport. Therefore, if you want to change cities, you can travel between two points in a short time.

It is recommended that you look at the transportation conditions of whichever region you are evaluating within the scope of Cost of living in Turkey. So you can get more accurate results.

How Much Are Shopping Prices in Turkey?

Shopping prices vary in each country. Therefore, those who want to settle in a different place pay attention to this within the scope of cost of living countries.

Shopping costs in Turkey differ in each city. Especially in a big place like Istanbul, these opportunities differ in different parts of the city.

Therefore, making a survey according to the location you want to settle will help you get more precise results. This includes food and beverage, clothing and other expenses. However, it should not be forgotten that you can also order something online.

How Much Are Car Prices in Turkey?

Owning a car is very important nowadays. Because it helps you go where you want, when you want, quickly. For this reason, those who want to start a new life in Turkey often question the prices of vehicles.

However, car prices vary according to the model and different factors. Although there is no exact pricing, the average car price in Turkey is offered at affordable prices.

This includes vehicles as well as gasoline prices. Compared to European and American countries, these opportunities are offered at more affordable prices in Turkey. This also applies to cost of living in Istanbul.

How Much is the Tuition Fee in Turkey?

People who want to live in Turkey and have a family also inquire how much their children's school expenses can cost. In this sense, Turkey offers education free of charge.

Every student can go to high schools and universities without paying a fee. Although dormitory fees may vary, they have affordable prices.

There are also private schools and universities. Although the pricing is different in all of them, there are suitable options according to European and American countries. If you are considering private schools, it is possible to get the details after contacting the information. Cost of living in Turkey is also suitable as Turkey offers advanced facilities with suitable facilities.

How are the Health Facilities in Turkey?

Turkey is located in a very important place in terms of its geographical location. The health sector also has great opportunities as it develops according to neighboring countries. For this reason, many people visit the country every year for health tourism.

There are great opportunities, especially since the costs are lower than the American and European countries. Professional health solutions are offered as there are doctors who are competent in their field.

There are both public and private hospitals in Turkey. Patients can benefit from them 24/7 in line with their needs. Since the waiting time is short, immediate solutions can be offered. Thanks to its strong infrastructure, there is no disruption.

For this reason, the health sector also offers very suitable options for is living in Turkey cheap.

Is Turkey Expensive Compared to Other Countries?

Are the possibilities of each country different, options are frequently asked by those who want to live in a new country. Is Turkey cheaper than Dubai is also examined in this context.

When this subject is examined, it is seen that health, rent, education, transportation, shopping and all other opportunities are more suitable than both European and American countries and Middle Eastern countries.

Since all sectors have experienced teams, technological equipment and a strong infrastructure, great opportunities are also offered.

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