Turkey Real Estate Broker

Turkey Real Estate Broker
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Turkey is one the most growing real estate market in the world. In 2017 1.4 million homes sold and 22,234 of them had sold to people come from outside of Turkey. And Istanbul has also a very special place in real estate sector of Turkey. 8,182 houses had sold to foreigners in Istanbul. It means Istanbul has best performance in 2017 among other cities of Turkey. It is very normal because Istanbul is an one of kind city with dividing by two continents as Asia and Europe. With lots of charms, there are many options for buyers want to have house in Turkey. Because of there are many options for buyers in Turkey, buyers should work with a Turkey real estate broker. If buyers want to work with the best, they should choose Halic Property.

Who is Halic Property?

Halic Property is the best Turkey Real Estate Broker. It is 7 years old company based in Turkey. Halic Property’s main office is in Istanbul. This company has a professional team with real estate brokers specialized in their own field at Turkey. Halic Property provides best consultant service for Turkey market. With solutions provided by Halic Property expert team, you will have rental guaranteed, full secured investments in the city. These investments will be in the city center or in developing areas of the city. If the investment will be in the developing areas of the city, this property will probably have long term hire purchase.

And also Halic Property has an another expert team for applying citizenship, long term/ short term work permit applications, company establishment etc. This expert team includes lawyers and after sales department. With these team they can help you in legal issues about your property. Their after sales department can serve you in English and Arabic languages while helping you about title deed problems, leasing your property, tracking your fixing fees and paying your taxes etc.

Halic Property give full service for you and your propety. They have the biggest property portfolio which includes new projects and resale oppurtinities. Thanks to these portfolio and Halic Property’s expert team you will have the best options for investing in Turkey. After you buy your house and become citizen of Turkey, they can help to decorate your home with their interior designers. And also they make your transportations between airports and your property or your hotel with VIP quality.

For Halic Property customer satisfaction comes first. Because of this Halic Property has still follow their old customers. It helps them with every problem related their property. They want to make their customers life easy. Because they know how difficult to come to live in a new country that don’t even speak or understand its native language.

If you want make an investment or just buy a home for yourself, Halic Property will the best choice in other Turkey Real Estate Broker options. They will help you like they are looking for a home in Turkey for themselves. They will give the best Turkish real estate agents in Turkey with their expert team include real estate brokers, lawyers, interior designers, after sales departments etc.

When you choose Halic Property, you will understand what we are talking about. You won’t be regard…

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