Free Turkish Citizenship

Free Turkish Citizenship
  • Son Güncellenme: 28/10/2021

Turkey is one of a kind country that offers investors a lot in the real estate industry. But to make the right decisions you need to work with the right real estate consultants. Because there are many advantages for real estate foreign investors in Turkey including free Turkish citizenship.

When you will have real estate costs 250.000 Dolar in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. Because of this opportunity there are lots of investors from Arabic countries in Turkey and these investors from Arabic countries generally choose Istanbul.

How Can I Have Free Turkish Citizenship From Turkey?

Actually to have free Turkish citizenship is very easy. But you have to be very careful. When you buy a house costs 250.000 Dolar, you will have the right to apply to citizenship in Turkey. Probably you are thinking that if I have to buy a house 250.000 Dolar, how can this Turkish citizenship be free?

First of all, after you will get your citizenship from Turkey, you can rent your property. With 3 years rent income, you can get the worth of your real estate back. And also with changing of the value of dollar in exchange for the Turkish lira, if you want to sell your property, you will make a profit from this sale.

As we said at the beginning of this article, to have become a Turkish citizen for free is very easy but there are lots of legal processes, etc. So before you will start to look for your property to invest in, you should find a real estate consultant. Especially if you are a stranger in Turkey, you must get help.

To have the perfect help, Halic Property will be a perfect choice. Halic Property is a seven-year company based on Istanbul. This company has a team includes experienced, professional property consultants, lawyers, after-sales experts etc. Professional property consultants of Halic Property will offer you the best options in Turkey for your invest. Offers of Halic Property real estate consultants to you will be a safe house with full security, have guaranteed options for rent, can be a land, have different investment chances in the center of the city or in the growing areas, have long installment terms.

After having your property in Turkey, the after-sales department and lawyers of Halic Property will help you to apply for Turkish citizenship or work permit or company registration. Halic Property’s after-sale team and Halic Property’s lawyers will be in your side of every step of your applications. They also help to rent your property, pay your taxes, deal with the legal problems about your property, follow your maintenance fees, etc. And all of Halic Property team can speak Arabic and English language, there will no communication problem between you and your consultant.

Halic Property offers you the best service with its portfolio which has similar options. In this portfolio, you can find new projects and resale options. And there are also interior designers in Halic Property expert team to help you to decorate your property.

For more information about Turkish citizenship, you can check the page below.

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